About ILIA

Turning a dream into a vision

ILIA is a management consultancy firm operating in Iran which helps local and international businesses to operate successfully in the market. ILIA walks along with its clients during all the stages of their development from market research to action-oriented solutions.
ILIA has a solid background when it comes to managing international projects. The international mindset combined with a comprehensive understanding of Iran’s market and a broad network of experts who have gained the experience of working on different projects and multiple industries which in turn enriches ILIA’s community of team members and results in delivering exceptional work.
Like any other company, ILIA was founded with a dream. It grew, evolved and transformed in the course of time. And like many other companies, ILIA has had many ups and downs during its 13-year-old journey. Like any journey, there have been several definitive moments that contributed to forming the current identity of the company. The following is a brief summary of those moments and their impact on ILIA.


For a Better ILIAn’s and ILIA, a Better Iran and a Better World. ILIA has made a considerable effort to commit to a unifying set of purposes throughout its years of operation, which are to live through the working days with highest aspirations, to take constructive steps towards becoming an authentic international firm, to make it possible for all the team members to prosper together.


By 1405, we will build a sustainable authentic international consulting firm. All organizations start their journey with ambitious dreams. But only a few turn the dreams into their reality. ILIA is proudly one of them. By carefully constructing the organization based on 4 pillars of strength which are 1) Projects; resulting in exceptional delivery, 2) Market; resulting in greater profitability, 3) Platform; resulting in faster growth, and 4) Team; resulting in best talents, ILIA has left no room for ambiguity and confusion.


Open and Direct Communication, Awareness about Collaborative Impact, Remembering to Simply Live Life. In order for this journey to reach the desired destination, there has to be a set of values that define and refine the way all the team members behave. This is very essential because no matter how synchronized the members of a team are, there might arise a situation in which team players need guidance, clear instructions and impartial judgement. That’s why ILIA came up with a set of values to refer to in times of need. These values are open and direct communication, awareness about collaborative impact and last but not the least, always remembering to simply live life and enjoy. It is always a good idea to have a quick reminder that at the end of the day, we are all looking for peace and happiness in life.

ILIA has come a long way to reach the ground it stands on today. After 13 years of cherishing the successes and learning from the mistakes and failures, ILIA and all the ILIAns still think that there’s a long road ahead, there is still room for improvement but that is not something that would shake the belief in our purposes. Because after all these years of hard work, trial and error, ILIA is still standing, still evolving and still transforming along with the people who have assisted the organization to reach the place it has today.

Roadmap to Excellence

Perhaps, the only thing emphasized and valued as much as –if not more than- the quality of the work ILIA delivers, is the importance and significance of teamwork. After all, it is the people who deliver the outstanding results in our company.
ILIA follows a comprehensive and detailed set of values when it comes to recruitment, onboarding, educating and building a team. We have a guiding principle that leads us in the right direction not only in our work, but also in how we interact with each other as members of Ilia’s community.

We believe that our team is what distinguishes us initially. We are passionate, focused, solution-oriented and innovative. We learn to be committed to our work and hold each other responsible accordingly. Yet, we never forget how much compassion and sympathy is of importance among the members of a team. Balance is the key.

ILIA’s international expertise along with its outstanding network of professionals has cultivated an environment for growth and excellence for the local talent who join us. After a thorough process of selection, training and onboarding, they become an ILIAn.

In ILIA, we have carefully crafted and designed a roadmap that clarifies every step of the way to a successful career in the field of management consultancy. Therefore, all of the employees have a clear image of the road ahead of them since the very beginning of their journey in ILIA.
After 3 months of internship, IlIAns start their careers as analysts and over the course of time, they continue as consultants, managers, associate partners and finally, they become a partner.

ILIAns, especially the analysts who are relatively new to the company, unanimously put emphasis on the culture of the company as one of the key factors that they considered when deciding to join our team. “There is this mentality here that people help each other in personal growth and therefore, we flourish and improve constantly as a team.” Says one of the young and aspiring analysts in ILIA.

By presenting the career roadmap to employees from the early days of their career, ILIA aspires to help them set realistic, achievable and clear goals for themselves based on their own strengths and skill sets. That is one of the reasons most ILIAns are motivated, hardworking and committed. They know what they are working for.

During this journey, ILLIAns are presented with the opportunity to work simultaneously on their soft skills as well as their hard skills. We believe that by improving ourselves as human beings, we can improve as a team and change our environment for better. This mindset has helped us over the course of time to achieve a unity and an outstanding support system in which team members are fully confident.

Most of the interns start their internship in ILIA by working on a project. The early engagement in actual, real projects is one of the reasons according to the analysts that distinguishes ILIA’s culture. “We start our internship by engaging with interesting tasks, therefore, the learning process starts from the very first steps.” Says another ILIAn.

ILIA always puts emphasis on professionalism, punctuality, expertise and knowledge. Our guiding principles institutionalized these core concepts and that is why, during good times as well as tough times, our core values are unshakeable.
At the end of the day, all we aspire to is a better world. We want a better life for ourselves and every day, we try to take a step towards that goal and by doing so, we help our organization, help people who will make this world a better place for us all.