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Corporate Governance

ILIA Board Services aims to help the client’s Board of Directors, in any type of organization, to make sound decisions, safeguarding the benefits of all the stakeholders and creating business sustainability by providing a wide range of specialized advisory services in the key areas of Board Effectiveness.

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Every company that wants to make itself more robust, efficient, and accountable and intends to mitigate business risk and safeguard against mismanagement could benefit from ILIA board services. But due to corporate governance regulation, which the securities and exchange organization adopted in Mordad, 1397, more than 1000 companies in the primary and secondary exchange market can be our potential clients. ILIA Board Services provide courses designed to help clients’ board of directors improve their board impact, performance, and effectiveness. With a flexible learning environment, the courses cover a range of specific topics that can be taken individually or as an entire series to meet your particular needs.

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Sara Mehrabani

Sara Mehrabani

taha sharifi

Taha Sharifi


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