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Development and Training

In today’s ambiguous markets’ various trends and changing work environment, people are the key resources that drive the organizations’ productivity and success. This changing market is also making it harder for companies to find, motivate and retain their much needed talents. We accelerate your company’s growth by investing in your people. We ensure that your talent will have the capabilities to outperform and drive organizational growth. Our services include designing and implementing leadership development programs, soft skills & human skills workshop and performance coaching. Our services have been fine tuned through our collaboration with Iran’s top performing companies in different industries and by getting benefit from proven leadership frameworks and methodologies.

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How we help clients


We help our clients to place their human capital in the right direction for growth and alignment. Our development team joins the client leadership team to structure the human capital challenge. We solve the human capital challenges by designing and promoting the desired outcomes.

Impact stories ​

Our HR and Development Department at ILIA Management Consulting Company strives to provide appropriate and efficient solutions. In response to the concern of international cloud services provider company, the country’s largest cloud service provider, concerning improving internal relations about reducing verbal violence, ILIA came up with the idea of holding conscious leadership workshops for the company’s leaders. Since leaders are the flag bearers of an organization’s current culture, they became the target group of the workshops. Meditation, follow-ups, and sometimes individual discussions with the participants were also part of the workshops. We organized a second workshop for the other group, which was also talented and prepared for management positions. Each workshop ended with a retreat out in nature, away from the workspace. Participants also had the opportunity for deep meditation, self-awareness, dialogue, sharing of concerns and issues, and a deep understanding of one another during the retreat. The output of the workshops, according to the participants, was better communication and reduced the atmosphere of tension in discussions.

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Featured Experts

emad ghaeni

Emad Ghaeni

Managing Partner & BoPs Member
ghobad haghmohammadi

Ghobad haghmohammadi

amirhossein torkabadi

Amirhossein Torkabadi

nima pourkhodabakhsh

Nima Pourkhodabakhsh

vahid sattarzadeh

Vahid Sattarzadeh

fereshteh soleimanian

Fereshteh Soleimanian

Ayli zandnia

Ayli Zandnia


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