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We empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by supporting them through their transformation from a traditional to an intelligent organization. We believe that intelligence is one of the main keys to the survival and development of organizations. In today’s uncertain environment, intelligence enables organizations to adapt to internal and external conditions at the lowest possible cost and in the fastest time.

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How we help clients


We believe that every organization is a living unique being and proposed models and standards only work when they are customized for that organization and integrated with its core. Our approach in consulting is to join our client in managing their daily challenges. We  engage in the daily operations to gain a clear understanding of the organization from within. For us, consulting is defined as being in the middle of the organizations’ playing field with the managers, rather than as advisors from the outside.

Impact stories ​

We’ve helped a family-owned real estate business in turkey to reduce the company’s dependency on the founder and CEO while still navigating its way through sustainable growth. The company had to restructure its key processes and embrace delegation as a new approach in the organization. People were one of the key drivers of success in this business, so we examined the HR practices using our HR Pulse Tool that gives a structure understanding of the key HR concerns. We assisted our client in resolving unclear payroll system by co-creating a customized payroll system that was based on employee performance. The payroll system was also tied to the organization’s overall performance to keep the human resource costs in balance. In order to respond to rapidly changing business environment. With the project’s scope in mind, we occasionally had to reprioritize what needed to be addressed on a bi-weekly basis. We provided consultancy services in areas such as partnership strategy, organizational operations, digital marketing strategy, recruitment, organizational rhythmic meetings, customer experience. Our clients were able to expand from one to three offices within a few months of initiating the beginning. 

*HR Pulse: One of the ILIA’s products that evaluates the human resource management in organizations. This product allows us to see the organization through the eyes of its employees. 

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poorshasp shahinkar

Poorshasp Shahinkar

Senior Manager

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Parisa Zare

javad ebadinia

Hediyeh Zeynodin

Senior Analyst

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