Emad Ghaeni

Managing Partner & BoPs Member


Emad sees life as a growth journey in which we are tested everyday to know ourselves better and to cease every opportunity to be transformed. He believes to the quote that says “Our journey is about being more deeply involved in life and yet less attached to it.” He has chosen the entrepreneurial path in his 20 years career to explore possibilities.
From a career perspective, he has been engaged in different operational and consultancy projects mainly in leadership development domain. In this regard, he was selected as the best “Educational Entrepreneur” of the country and the startup he was founded–Webyad- was selected as the best e-learning platform in Iran in 2013 by WSA. Emad is a sought-after leadership and business educator and coach who has developed and coached more than 1000 CEOs and top-level leaders in the best Iranian companies.
Emad’s PhD. is in Human Resource Management where he researched about consciousness, mindfulness and leadership in his thesis and this topic has been in the center of his learning and teachings since then.


Leadership Development
CEO & Board Coaching

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