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Data-Driven Consulting

ILIA’s data and analytics consulting teams help clients identify and capture the most value and meaningful insights from their data, and turn them into competitive advantages. We provide various services along the data value chain, from preparing data to sophisticated insights obtained through the aggregation of different data sources. We can help our clients with data-driven problem-solving, churn analysis, fraud detection, story-telling with data, business intelligence and data monetization.

Featured Capabilities

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How we help clients


Since the beginning of 1400, ILIA has been developing and designing products related to management consulting. This is the approach that ILIA will follow seriously. With the priority of creating data-driven products, it seeks to provide practical solutions in human resources, problem-solving and organizational diagnosis with using technology such as AI & blockchain. The development of data-driven products continues in ILIA, and we hope that a wide range of specialized products in management consulting will help Iranian businesses in the coming years.

Impact stories ​

One of ILIA products, HR Pulse, has been implemented in over 40 companies from different industries. This product examines the situation of human resources from a data point of view in a short time. Various measurement and evaluation models can be used in this product, depending on the situation. Models such as HR34000, Hay group model or Towers Watson model are used in this product.

Another product of ILIA has been prepared jointly with Karboom to measure and monitor the status of the employer brand in Iran by analyzing more than 20k records of data. This product describes the brand position of companies in different segments in the form of a management dashboard.

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Featured Experts

amir ebrahimzadeh

Amir Ebrahimzadeh

Principal & Data Team Lead

neda mortazavi

Neda Mortazavi

vahid hashemi

Vahid Hashemi


saeed salimi

Saeed Salimi

Second Report of the Employer Brand

Employer Brands Dashboard

Collection, cleaning, and analyzing data to investigate employer brands

این تصویر کاور گزارش چیپس و ماست است

Bundling in FMCG

Comprehensive analysis with association rules mining to identify key bundles in FMCG

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