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Market Research

We provide both qualitative and quantitative research services including desktop and field research methods. We conducted more than 100 projects with top brands in different industries. Besides finding valid data we also suggest solutions to your main concern. All analyses are based on primary and secondary sources of information to help companies find their answers.

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How we help clients


Since we are familiar with various research methodologies and different industries, to do market research projects, we can analyze requests from multiple points of view and design the most appropriate questions for both research and market research projects. After creating questions based on the type of client’s request, we will develop a proper methodology to collect and analyze data. Finally, as a consulting firm, we will provide several suggestions and scenarios for our clients according to the current situation of the clients.

Impact stories ​

The story of market research is the story of giving insight and creating value toward experiencing improvement in businesses. As the world changes fast and new ideas should be generated to be able to keep standing strong, creating value also means preparing businesses for the future by opening new gates by digging into internal and international markets and literature. We’re committed to helping those from various businesses such as the financial services industry, communication, hospitality, E-commerce and etc. to realize market and customers’ needs, how the world reacts to trends and the ways in which a company should attempt to meet market demands. Recognizing clients’ favorable market trends, Identifying Competitors, Improving Company Offerings, and Increasing customer satisfaction are some of our market research team’s purposes, aiming to be a helpful arm of the client’s company on the path along.

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Featured Experts

hoda hosseinifar
nima pourkhodabakhsh

Nima Pourkhodabakhsh

mahgol sabet

Mahgol Sabet

marjan mahram

Marjan Mahram

fatemeh monshizadeh

Fatemeh Monshizadeh

Senior Analyst
mohammad jafarabadi

Mohammad Jafarabadi

Amirhossein Keyhanpour

Amirhossein Keyhanpour

mehdi mohammadi

Mehdi Mohammadi

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