Compare the situation of Iran’s different industries
with the region and the world based on quality data

The Insightry series of reports, based on quality data, compare Iran’s industries with those of the region and the world.  

Iran vs. the World: Compare the performance of the selected industry in Iran and the world

Iran’s Macroeconomy: Provides industry analysis in the context of Iran’s macroeconomic variables

Value chain: Shedding light on the industry by considering the whole value chain and investigating changes in industries.

Detailed Investigation: Provides insights based on analyzing the industry’s detailed data from reliable sources

  • IndSight is based on the most reliable and first-hand domestic and international data sources
Industry Insight ILIA Iran

ILIA’s plan to conduct and publish industry reports is based on the industry’s impotence.
The following six industries have already been covered by ILIA: 
Banking, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, FMCG, FMCG, and Mining, Steel

High priority industry ILIA publishing plan







Oil and gas












In Progress


In Progress

Financial Market

In Progress


In Progress


In Progress


In Progress

Venture Capital

In Progress

Ride Hailing

In Progress

Communication and IT

In Progress


In Progress


In Progress



In Progress


In Progress

Media and Content

In Progress


In Progress


In Progress

Each report usually takes two months to be developed

  • ILIA welcomes companies and other entities to define a collaboration package to develop the industry report
  • There are three available packages for marketing industry reports in Donyaye Eghtesad’s media complex (Tejarat Farda, EghtesadNews, etc.)
  • Contact us to check each of the options and more detailed arrangements
  • Two months; given the following team composition: two analysts + one project manager + industry expert/expert + senior manager)
  • Suggested start time of the project: one week after the final announcement of the need of the respected customer
  • A one-hour meeting per week with the collaborative party to present the work done and coordinate for the continuation of the work
  • Proposed Team Composition:
    1. Senior Project Manager: 10% FTE
    2. Industry expert/expert: 1 FTE
    3. The project manager: 1 FTE
    4. Business Analyst: 2 FTEs

    • Project Manager: Amir Hosseini
      • Senior Principal of ILIA
      • Education: PhD in economics; University of London
      • Work experiences: McKinsey, Arthur D. Little
sponsorship plan and collaboration

Contact us via the channels provided below if you would like to learn more about the sponsorship plan and how we can collaborate in developing the reports.

InSightry is based on the most reliable and first hand domestic and international data sources

domestic and international data sources
  • Internal and external data are extracted only from related valid and reliable sources in the field of research

  • Research data are extracted from primary sources and as much as possible without intermediaries

Examples of internal and external resources used in projects

The World Bank

Gross national product, economic report of MENA region, database of trade, production, inflation and world population, etc.

World Bank Logo

Statistical Center of Iran (SCI)

The report of workshops in the country according to the number of employees and activities, household expenses and income, labor report, etc.

International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Global and regional economic reports, reports on financial markets and policies in the world, reports on goods in the world and…

International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Central Bank of Iran (CBI)

Report on economic trends, payment systems and performance statistics of various actors, report on the country’s economic situation, etc.

Bank Markazi Iran لوگو بانک مرکزی ایران


Economic review of countries, strategic review of regional and international activities, specifically in raw materials and energy

OECD Economic review of countries, strategic review of regional and international activities, specifically in raw materials and energy

Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade (MIMT)

Annual performance statistics of industries, active industrial units and licenses, investments, exports and imports, etc.

Ministry of Industry Mine and Trade Iran


Deep and specialized market research in different industries and countries

IBISWorld Logo Deep and specialized market research in different industries and countries

Ministry of Oil

Production and price of oil and gas, capacity and activity statistics of refineries, annual reports and…

Ministry of Oil Iran لوگو وزارت نفت ایران

Our Distribution Program

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Publication of the full file of the report on ILIA’s and Donya Eghtesad Consulting’s websites

Publication of the summary of the report in Donya Eghtesad newspaper and Eqhtesad News website

Visual report in Eco Iran

Special case in Tejarat Farda

Publish a summary of the report in the Financial Tribune

Distribution program

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