Life at ILIA

Roadmap to Excellence

Perhaps, the only thing emphasized and valued as much as –if not more than- the quality of the work ILIA delivers, is the importance and significance of teamwork. After all, it is the people who deliver the outstanding results in our company.
ILIA follows a comprehensive and detailed set of values when it comes to recruitment, onboarding, educating and building a team. We have a guiding principle that leads us in the right direction not only in our work, but also in how we interact with each other as members of Ilia’s community.

We believe that our team is what distinguishes us initially. We are passionate, focused, solution-oriented and innovative. We learn to be committed to our work and hold each other responsible accordingly. Yet, we never forget how much compassion and sympathy is of importance among the members of a team. Balance is the key.

ILIA’s international expertise along with its outstanding network of professionals has cultivated an environment for growth and excellence for the local talent who join us. After a thorough process of selection, training and onboarding, they become an ILIAn.

In ILIA, we have carefully crafted and designed a roadmap that clarifies every step of the way to a successful career in the field of management consultancy. Therefore, all of the employees have a clear image of the road ahead of them since the very beginning of their journey in ILIA.
After 3 months of internship, IlIAns start their careers as analysts and over the course of time, they continue as consultants, managers, associate partners and finally, they become a partner.

ILIAns, especially the analysts who are relatively new to the company, unanimously put emphasis on the culture of the company as one of the key factors that they considered when deciding to join our team. “There is this mentality here that people help each other in personal growth and therefore, we flourish and improve constantly as a team.” Says one of the young and aspiring analysts in ILIA.

By presenting the career roadmap to employees from the early days of their career, ILIA aspires to help them set realistic, achievable and clear goals for themselves based on their own strengths and skill sets. That is one of the reasons most ILIAns are motivated, hardworking and committed. They know what they are working for.

During this journey, ILLIAns are presented with the opportunity to work simultaneously on their soft skills as well as their hard skills. We believe that by improving ourselves as human beings, we can improve as a team and change our environment for better. This mindset has helped us over the course of time to achieve a unity and an outstanding support system in which team members are fully confident.

Most of the interns start their internship in ILIA by working on a project. The early engagement in actual, real projects is one of the reasons according to the analysts that distinguishes ILIA’s culture. “We start our internship by engaging with interesting tasks, therefore, the learning process starts from the very first steps.” Says another ILIAn.

ILIA always puts emphasis on professionalism, punctuality, expertise and knowledge. Our guiding principles institutionalized these core concepts and that is why, during good times as well as tough times, our core values are unshakeable.
At the end of the day, all we aspire to is a better world. We want a better life for ourselves and every day, we try to take a step towards that goal and by doing so, we help our organization, help people who will make this world a better place for us all.

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