Amir Ebrahimzadeh



From a personal perspective, he likes to be effective in his endeavors and ensure he is able to spend quality time on his personal pursuits. He believes in looking for new opportunities to develop and grow, and give support and guidance to others in this regard. He is flexible and respond well to change.

From an academic perspective, he has studied Industrial Engineering for more than 12 years from Bachelor to Doctorate at Iranian top universities like Sharif. His main focus during his studies used to be on mathematical modeling and system designs. He also has spent some part of his PhD program at KU Leuven university in Belgium as visiting scholar.

He has published several scientific papers in reputable international journals and presented some state-of-art models in data mining and energy-focused mathematical modeling.

From a career perspective, Amir is currently a principal at ILIA, an international management consultancy headquartered in Tehran, with experience of having operational offices in Germany and China. Since 8 years ago, he has been involved in more than 60 research or consulting projects, successfully conducted on national and international level. His main focus is on research-based consulting, data analysis and story-telling with data.

Project Management: Ability to define work packages, translating problems into tasks and assigning resources to them in order to accomplish clients’ issues at their business.

Data Mining: Ability to extract data and conduct various analysis such as clustering, classification and pattern analysis to gain an insight
Research-based Consulting: Ability to define proper research methodology to find valid and reliable data and translating data to knowledge for solving clients’ problems.

Storytelling with Data: Ability to define proper message from a dataset and translate the data into actionable slides and charts.


Data driven Consulting
Research-based Consulting
Project Management

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