Gholamhossein Mohammadi

Board Member


Gholamhossein Mohammadi is a firm believer of “Everyone who wants something and tries hard will find it, and whoever knocks on the door and insists, the door will be opened.”; In his twenty years of diverse social, cultural, political and economic activities, he has done his best to take a step forward no matter the difficulties ahead.

Currently, Mohammadi is the and ILIA Board Member, representing (Donyaye Eqtesad) as a shareholder. He believes that his deep understanding of the existing system and administration in Iran, his hybrid experiences in the private and public sector and his knowledge in innovation and industry can be his added value to ILIA, it’s various stakeholders, and also the Management Consultancy Ecosystem.

He has also Founded and Leads “Kasbo Kare Donyaye Eqtesad” company, which is a member of Donyaye Eqtesad Media Group. He is responsible for the development of products and services of this media group for organizations and economic enterprises with a special focus on innovation.

Mohammadi is currently a PhD candidate in public administration at University of Tehran with a focus on public policy. He holds a master degree in mechanical engineering from Tehran university. He is also a B.A graduate in law and has certificates in media communication, public relations and branding.
The diversity of Mohammadi’s career background is due to his simultaneous entrance to the public and private sector. Benefiting from his technical knowledge in mechanical engineering, he is the co-founder and partner of the knowledge-based Kavosh Mechanize Fannaver (, active in the production of robotic inspection systems in the water and sewage industries since 2011. KMITP employs more than 150 people and has worked with 50 technical experts since its establishment. He holds several national patents and has published several articles in the field of mechanical engineering.

He has been a public servant in various public institutions for more than ten years and has served as manager, general manager, consultant, board member and deputy of executive bodies during this time. His skills as well as his strong commitment to innovation in ministries, universities, pension funds, development organizations, governmental institutions and media companies in Iran has given him the required knowledge and ability to impact the stakeholders.

Mohammadi is able to identify the key issues in private and public enterprises and organizations, design appropriate solutions and policies accordingly, administer and develop relationships with small and large companies, manage human resources and work in teams.He is the creator and founder of Internet TV in Iran’s news agencies and the key developer of the national policy network in Iran’s universities. He is an entrepreneur who has employed more than 200 people over the years in the private and public sectors.


Eco-System Formation
Media & Communications
Public Services

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