S. Hossein Nabavi

Founding Partner & Chair


From a personal perspective, he is passionate about theology, philosophy, cultures, music, fitness, and people in general. His personal ambition is to have a world in which universal values have been clarified and agreed upon.
From an academic perspective, he is studying Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) with a focus on Cross-Cultural Leadership at International School of Management (ISM). He holds an MBA with Scholarship Award from Webster University Vienna, and has received his BA in Management and two minors in the areas of Media Communication as well as Computer from the same university. From a career perspective, S. Hossein Nabavi is the Founding Partner of ILIA, an international management consultancy headquartered in Tehran, with experience of having operational offices in Germany and China. Since 13 years ago, he has been involved in more than 190 research, consulting projects, successfully conducted on national and international level. His main focus is on leadership development, strategic transformation, and turn-arounds. Also, he has Founded a fintech startup called JIBit. Even though recently established, JIBit not only has survived the fintech fight in Iran, it has flourishes immensely and shown much future success potentials. He is also a member of honorary Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, and also and Advisory Board Member to a couple of other charity ventures in Iran, including The Shamsan Charity Foundation. Among friends, he is known to know well both the Iranian and European perspectives. Perhaps this is his main added value to your business venture in Iran.


Team Leadership

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