Sara Mehrabani



Sarah is now the principal and also the corporate governance lead at the ILIA Corporation. worked for almost fifteen years in the different business units and processes of the large companies, experienced as a member of the board of directors in the listed companies, and also has experienced five dedicated years of working as a governance manager and corporate secretary of one of the most mature and large listed IT companies in IRAN, made her capable enough to be in the position of helping companies, especially the board of directors to leverage their effectiveness in leading their companies to viability, good performance and success over time.

The knowledge she gained from her past roles, as a manager in different units and processes such as PMO Manager, Customer satisfaction manager, Senior Business Process Engineer, etc caused her to deeply understand all the know-how of both sides, the board and executives, so it enables her to act as a bridge between them to help in separating duties between the governing body and managers.

To perfectly fulfill her role as a consultant, she is insatiable for learning, and also she knows most of the laws, rules, and regulations that affect the governing activities.

Her life’s motto is, “I can create improvements, therefore I am”.


Corporate Governance
Board Effectiveness
Project Management

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